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CD, 2 唱片, 12 的曲目, 发行于2003

Kazablan, I Was Born in Jerusalem - Yehoram GaonKazablan, I Was Born in Jerusalem - Yehoram Gaon
罕见的 - 只有1左!$29.99
  • 类型: CD
  • 唱片: 2
  • 曲目: 12
  • 年份: 2003
  • 种类: 一般, 罕见
  • 条码: 957-7290005216565


  1. 唱片1

  2. Overture - Instrumental
  3. Self-Respect - Yehoram Gaon And The Brilliantines
  4. We Are All Jews
  5. There's A Place
  6. Democracy
  7. Discotheque And Democracy Reprise - Instrumental/Cast
  8. Jaffa - Aliza Azikri
  9. Anything Happen?- The Brilliantines
  10. Rosa - Yhoram Gaon And Aliza Akikri
  11. I'm So Frightened
  12. Get Off My Back, Kabablan
  13. Brith Milah Pageant




I saw this film on 16mm tape in South Africa in 1974. I recall it as a wonderful if predictable storyline, extremely humorous, with a great number of 'catchy tunes'. My only regret is that I cannot seem to be able to get a copy that will play in the UK (Pal I system) Not being Jewish myself, I cannot comment on the 'realism'. I only know I would love to see it again. Terry Curry
I saw this first around 1974 but in English - I recently bought the movie only to find it has English subtitles but would love to get it in the English complete - Brilliant Brilliant !!!! Gary Nathan