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Israel Music


Tact - Israeli Hip Hop Architects (CD, 2004)

- Various

Tact - Israeli Hip Hop Architects

(CD, 2004) - Various
Tact - Israeli Hip Hop Architects - VariousTact - Israeli Hip Hop Architects - Various


26 new songs by Subliminal, the Shadow, Sivan, BooSkills, SHI 360, Itzik Shamly, Gavriel Butler, Elan Babylon and special guest appearances by Sarit Hadad, Black Market, Remedy, Almalich...


  • - Dror 十月 30, 2004

    Amazing! This is a CDcompilation of the top rap artists in Israel.... I would strongly recommend it.

  • - andrew 十二月 7, 2004

    It represents us

  • - Marcos Martinez Sancho 四月 14, 2006

    I purchased this CD last summer and still ranks among my favorites. Two thumbs up.

  • - ilan reffaeli 四月 14, 2006

    Not bad at all. Finally an Israeli product that sounds as good as American stuff usualy does. Cool interpretation of the Afro-American Hip-Hop culture, using all authentic israeli-jewish symbols, and patriotic lyrics instead of the ego/money issues usually discussed in American Hip-Hop. Reminds me of "the tribe" - another great Israeli Hip hop group (Ha Shevet).

  • - Elisheva 六月 28, 2006

    Sbliminal is awesome. This CD is totally worth buying and I am so happy to have it-it's one of my favorite CDs.

  • - Shamroq 六月 20, 2008

    When I first heard this I was blown away at how amazingly wonderful hebrew fits the hip hop beat. I dont speak hebrew YET, but this sounds better than any American hip hop I've ever heard! I listen to this every day! Well Done to all the artists who contributed to the project. You guys are the Shizzle!!

  • - Mark 八月 24, 2008

    Amazing CD, one of the greatest, Subliminal and Tact #1.