Israel Music以色列和犹太音乐、电影和多媒体
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DVD (PAL), 发行于2013

Hora 79 - VariousHora 79 - Various
可得到$25.99 $13.00


Languages: Hebrew.

Subtitles: Hebrew, English.

This is a delightful comedy that proves that the joy of dance is ageless. Hora 79 was once the face of Israeli folk dance but a traumatic event occurred causing the legendary troupe to stop dancing and the members go their separate ways.

Now, some 33 years later, the dancers reunite to appear at the Karmiel Dance Festival for a onetime show. We meet the dancers—some are workers, some are retired, several are excited and many are sceptical. As they come together they are filled with nostalgia as well as guilt and tension.

Will they be able to overcome the ghosts of the past, the conflicts and the fact that they are older and their bodies might betray their minds and their memories?