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Israel Music


All the Hits - Limited Edition (CD, 2003)

- Teapacks

All the Hits - Limited Edition

(CD, 2003) - Teapacks
All the Hits - Limited Edition - TeapacksAll the Hits - Limited Edition - Teapacks
罕见的 - 只有1左!


  • - Jon 九月 22, 2004

    Coby Oz and Teapacks music integrates the street sound of the real Israel with western music. This reflects the dilemma and challenge for Israel, to be a modern western democracy without loosing its middle eastern roots. The lyrics speak to this issue and the dilemma of being a middle easterner in a eurocentric world and how can someone preserve their culture without becoming a stereotype, without becomming bitter, and without becoming forgotten! The analogy is love and lost love. Occasionally Coby gets a bit sappy but manages overall to keep it real. His wit and humor helps to keep the lyric from becoming to dark. This is a great band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • - Mathan 十二月 1, 2006

    I couldn't agree more with the other reviewer, the fusion of Eastern and Western European, Sephardic as well as Oriental influences makes this truly Israeli music. Listen to this CD and you'll hear disco beats as well as darbouka beats, guitars as well as bouzoukis, and keyboards as well as accordions. With bad musicians this could sound messy, but Teapacks makes it works like a charm. I'll take this over the typical Israeli soft rock any day. To me, living outside of Israel, this kind of music is the best cultural connection I can get back home. Highly recommended.