Israel Music以色列和犹太音乐、电影和多媒体
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DVD (PAL), 发行于2010

Life As A Race - Live In Caesarea - Sarit HadadLife As A Race - Live In Caesarea - Sarit Hadad


I bought this DVD last year in autumn and I have watched it more than ten times since then. For me it is the most fantastic music-video I’ve ever seen or heard, and the show itself is very entertaining. The charisma and singing-skills of Sarit take this show to a level one usually not often witnesses. But one has to give great credits to both the excellent musicians and dancers, too, who add their important parts to this great concert and lead it to those ultimate heights. Especially I want to mention Sh’ma Israel (Ksh’halev bocheh) which comes in a new version, where the opening reminds of music-styles like in Beethoven-symphonies. It sounds powerful and dramatic. Nosa’at T’filah and Zeh sh’shomer alai are magic songs, too, which I have fallen in love with for ever. But of course, there are many more songs worth to listen to and watch. I strongly recommend this DVD to all, who like Sarit Hadad and that kind of israelian music. Shalom!  J